Case Study 01: The Doge Meme

yeah dude. we using punctuation. this is real lab coats hours.

the doge meme is a perfect example of how fun and creativity and innovation will get stifled by mass meme production and cultural assimilation. this is why i'm a meme elitist (not a good thing to be) and its why i hate the doge meme despite it being about dogs and despite my love for dogs. god i love dogs so much!!!!!!

doge, as i recall, began as a subset of images with snarky or passive-aggressive captions pasted over the jpg in comic sans. a lot of these were stock images, like the women laughing with lettuce or the guess i'll die guy. one specific jpg i recall was a dog atop a roof, with the caption, "u dont fuckin control me" (or something similar.) EDIT: FOUND IT!! god bless. anyway, id call this the egg which birthed the doge meme. and it's a good image! it's cute and funny! it's simple and effective! it's not cringey or baby-voiced googoo gaga speak. it's a dog on a roof, with its head cocked, saying "u cant fuckin control me" its great.

yet it bore one of the worst, and most prolific memes in Net history. doge memes can be purchased in every major chain store, as pillows and t-shirts and phone cases. it's deeply cemented in not only internet culture, but... material culture. this disgusts me.